Götz Keydana


  • The topology of the sentence in ancient Indo-European languages.

    What are the factors that constrain free word order in Vedic, Greek and Latin? In this project the canonical and non-canonical word order of Vedic is being studied. The aim is to isolate constraints on word order and to develop a topology of the Vedic sentence.
  • Empty arguments in Old Indic.

    Vedic has emtpy subjects and objects. The aim of this project is to answer the question which syntactic and/or pragmatic factors license empty arguments and constrain their reference.
  • The structure of the Lithuanian DP.

    As of now not much is known about the structure of constituents in (old) Indo-European languages. As a starting point to a project on the Indo-European DP Lithuanian DPs are being investigated.
  • BaSiL.

    Development of an online database Basic Structures of Languages at ZIS, Göttingen university.